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Adventure Force Sentry x2 Review

One of the things I have enjoyed the most in the last two years is watching the offerings from Dart Zone increase in quality, novelty, and/or value. Usually more than one. The second half of this year looks like it will be no exception.

Or access to promotional art...
Overview It's very easy to dismiss the Sentry as what it looks like on first blush - a Kronos work-alike. That's understandable. The Kronos hit the market and as the rare, nearly perfect, out of the box competitive blaster and there wasn't a clear winner in this space. It is natural a competitor would eye that result. We'll get a little more into that comparison later. As with all Adventure Force blasters, this is manufactured for Wal-Mart by one of the three second-tier blaster makers. So far, all of the HIR ball-blasters have been made by Dart Zone as indicated by both the box labeling and the "Powered by PT-DZ" call out on the blaster. 
The Sentry X2 is just shy of 31 cm long and a little und…
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A Better Accelerator - Part II?

Wait, What? Shortly after putting together my Velocity overview I became aware that we should see a blue version of the Adventure Force Accelerartor showing up with the fall reset. The first picture we saw on /r/Nerf came with the report that it also has the new agitator functionality we saw in the Velocity even though the packaging made no visible callouts.
It took me a bit, but I finally found one. In short, it is the Velocity. The only differences are the nameplates, the embossing on the team plates, and the capacity of the hopper.
So what should I get? It is difficult to look at a $15 price difference between two blaster packages that differ only in included ammo and hopper capacity. It is easy to look at it as a $1 a ball proposition. Therein lies the comparison flaw, in my view. Both are good values when compared to the Rival equivalents, the Accelerator comes across as a greater bargain - but that doesn't make the Velocity overpriced.
Here's the challenging part. This …

The Adventure Force Commandfire - Next Level Reloading

Overview As I mentioned in the Quantum review, it has been a really good year for Prime Time Toys' Dart Zone line. In the dart space, we've seen the Dart Storm, the Light Command, the Titan, and perhaps most interesting - the Commandfire.  It is fair to note that the Light Comand and Dart Storm were fourth quarter releases last year and the Titan is essentially a reshelled Light Command less the light effects. The Commandfire, however, is both a new release and arguably a new platform.

This blaster is exclusively available as part of the Wal-Mart vanity line, Adventure Force. This line has been treating us well the last couple of years, allowing a number of surprisingly solid blasters to come to the market at really nice price points. Blasters in this line are usually manufactured by our favorite second-tier companies; Buzz Bee, Zuru, and Dart Zone. While most of these are recolors of existing products, a few have been unique reshells or even first releases of new designs. Th…

Space Age Belt Blasters - The Adventure Force Light Command and the Dart Zone Titan

This pair of blasters began their assault on dart battlefields last August, as part of Adventure Force's second half offerings. It was well regarded as both fun and fairly effective. It appears that Adventure Force's exclusivity on the mold has ended, as we are now seeing it released in a new form under the Dart Zone Titan. As I did not yet cover the Light Command previously, I'm going to cover both blasters here.

Blaster Overview  The blaster design comes from the long-lost land of the Scifi past. It has a thumbhole stock styled foregrip and a similarly angled handle and handguard. The mold itself is liberally decorated in circuitry, cuts, and machinery motifs that seem to have fallen out of a Jack Kirby illustration. The production material is solid. Twisting, squeezing, and otherwise abusing the blaster yielded no distortions and only a few creaks in expected places, such as the battery door. Like most Dart Zone blasters, it butterflies beautifully for easy painting.

The Adventure Force Quantum - The next logical leap in taking on Rival?

It has been a banner year for Prime Time Toys' Dart Zone blaster toys, both in their own, Dart Zone brand and in their offerings through vanity branded Adventure Force products for Wal-Mart. As much excitement as bubbled over for the new Nerf offerings, it was, in some quarters, eclipsed by the curiosity about and enthusiasm for the leaked Dart Zone blasters. So far, we have seen the upgraded Accelerator (Adventure Force), the Velocity (Dart Zone), the revamped Light Command as the Titan (Dart Zone), Commandfire ( Adventure Force ), and the Quantum ( Adventure Force ).

Some have pegged the Quantum as a Nemesis killer. While I am unsure of that, on first blush - it certainly has the potential. There've been some lazy comparisons referring to the Quantum as a Nemesis knockoff - something that strikes me as at least a little unreasonable. The notion of two very similar blasters in the same space does not indicate a knockoff.

Selling for $49.99, the Quantum covers all of…

Dart Zone Ballistix Ops Velocity - A better Accelerator?

Overview Target looks to have an increasingly diverse lineup on its blaster isle this next half of the year. One of the more anticipated is one of Dart Zone's new entries into the High Impact Round space, The Accelerator.  If you aren't familiar with their BallistixOps line and play or are considering getting into the Nerf Rival, you should give these a look. I did an overview on several of these in the last six months where you can find my thoughts and links to several others on the subject.

NOTE: The updated Accelerator has come out since this review. See this article for details.

I had the good fortune of getting my hands on the new Velocity a couple of days before the new plan set at Target. If you're champing at the bit to get your hands on this one, you should start seeing it available next week.

Let's start with the basics. The Velocity is a semi-automatic, flywheel blaster that uses a removable 40 round hopper for ammunition loading. It is also capable of usin…

Review Backlog

This is going to be a standing post, to keep track of reviews to come.

I'm a bit behind.  I have a few things in the pipe - some on order, some already here.

In no particular order:

Zuru Regenerator
Zuru Turbo Advance
Dart Zone Quickfire Insurgent
Blaze Storm Semi-automatic Foam Blaster Rifle (Sci Fire triple shot shotgun)
Blaze Storm ZC7073 (HIR, Apollo style blaster)
Dart Zone Commandfire
Adventure Force Quantum
Dart Zone Velocity
OOD Jupiter
Adventure Force Light Command
Dart Zone Titanium
Adventure Force Accelerator Revision